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94 Minutes


The feature-film debut of multi-talented filmmaker Clive Barker, this grim and surreal project is based on the writer/director's own novella The Hell-Bound Heart. The film opens with a chilling prologue in which globe-trotting pervert Frank (Sean Chapman) -- a connoisseur of sexual depravity seeking the ultimate sensual experience -- purchases a small, intricate puzzle box from an unseen dealer in an unspecified country. Upon solving the puzzle, Frank opens the door to a hellish alternate universe and is promptly torn to ribbons by a network of hooks and chains; his strewn body parts are subsequently collected by the Cenobites -- grotesque, S & M-clad denizens of hell.


Andrew Robinson
Anthony Allen
Ashley Laurence
Clare Higgins
Dave Atkins
Doug Bradley
Frank Baker
Gay Baynes
Grace Kirby
Kenneth Nelson
Leon Davis
Michael Cassidy
Michael Cassidy
Niall Buggy
Nicholas Vince
Oliver Parker
Oliver Smith
Pamela Sholto
Raul Newney
Robert Hines
Sean Chapman
Sharon Bower
Simon Bamford



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