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Heavens Above!

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118 Minutes


A clerical error leads to the appointment of a left-leaning small-town priest to a rich village, where he immediately horrifies his snobby parishioners by appointing a dustman and a black man as vicar's wardens and throwing open the vicarage to the sprawling, disreputable Smith family, who have just been evicted from their caravan site.


Anna Wing
Basil Dignam
Bernard Miles
Brock Peters
Cardew Robinson
Cardew Robinson
Cecil Parker
Colin Gordon
Conrad Phillips
Derek Nimmo
Eric Barker
Eric Sykes
Geoffrey Hibbert
Gerald Sim
Harry Locke
Ian Carmichael
Irene Handl
Isabel Jeans
Joan Hickson
Joan Miller
John Comer
John Comer
John Junkin
John Louis Mansi
Kenneth Griffith
Ludovic Kennedy
Malcolm Muggeridge
Marianne Stone
Mark Eden
Miles Malleson
Miriam Karlin
Nicholas Phipps
Peter Sellers
Rodney Bewes
Roy Kinnear
Steve Marriott
Thorley Walters
William Hartnell



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