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Heat Lightning

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63 Minutes


The setting: a gas station in the middle of a sweltering, desiccated nowhere. The women: Olga (Aline MacMahon), a wary, weathered loner with a knack for fixing cars, and Myra (Ann Dvorak), her pretty kid sister who dishes up diner chow and dreams of romance. The film: Heat Lightning, an edgy, femme prenoir that turns incendiary when visitors arrive - two bejeweled divorcees and Olga's old love, a killer on the lam.


Aline Macmahon
Ann Dvorak
Edgar Kennedy
Frank Mchugh
Glenda Farrell
Harry C. Bradley
James Durkin
Jane Darwell
Lyle Talbot
Muriel Evans
Preston Foster
Ruth Donnelly
Theodore Newton
Willard Robertson



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