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88 Minutes


California sizzles when older rich men chase "hardbodies" (sexy girls) in this hilarious summertime comedy. The "dumpy, frumpy and lumpy" singles Hunter (Gary Wood), Rounder (Michael Rapport) and Ashby (Sorrells Pickard) - rent a beach house to take advantage of the surf, sun and scores of available hardbodies. Not having what it takes, the men hire a sexy young surfer, Scotty (Grant Cramer), to help them meet girls. Soon they're catching hardbodies with promises of a "BBD" (bigger, better deal) - faster cars, richer boyfriends, wilder parties. But there's a fly in the suntan ointment. When Hunter approaches with Scotty's girlfriend, Kristi (Teal Roberts), the "old geezer" must be taught a lesson.


Antony Ponzini
Cindy Silver
Courtney Gains
Crystal Shaw
Darcy Demoss
Emily Longstreth
Gary Wood
Grant Cramer
Jackie Easton
Joyce Jameson
Kane Hodder
Kathleen Kinmont
Kip Waldo
Kristi Somers
Leslee Bremmer
Marcia Karr
Marvin Katzoff
Michael Miller
Michael Rapport
Michael St. Michaels
Roberta Collins
Sorrells Pickard
Teal Roberts



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