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Hairy Ape

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92 Minutes


Rough, but sensitive, ship's stoker Hank Smith (Bendix), who believes his strength comes from the excessive hair that covers his body. When Hank?s ship docks in Lisbon, he meets beautiful, heartless, and wealthy socialite Mildred Douglas (Hayward), the lover of second engineer Lazar (Loder). Mildred is disgusted by Hank, calling him a "hairy ape," but when she sees that he is fascinated and lusts after her, she decides to lead him on. She later uses her hold over him so that he can become a pawn in her nefarious schemes, leading to a disastrous chain of events.


Alan Napier
Charles Cane
Charles La Torre
Dorothy Comingore
John Loder
Roman Bohnen
Susan Hayward
Tom Fadden
William Bendix



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