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Goldberg P.I.

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Jackie Goldberg (Jackie Mason) is coming to the end of his career as a Miami private detective; in debt, out of luck and down in the dumps, that is until fate brings him an unlikely partner - 16 year old Mateo Rodriguez. Jackie and Mateo embark on a journey to exonerate Mateo's mother and bring the bad guys to justice-- while still having enough time for some action with the ladies, a little nosh and a life lesson or two.


Abby Wathen
Audrey Landers
Davy Jones
James Martin Kelly
Jessica Pacheco
Lesley Ann Machado
Lin Shaye
Lorraine Ziff
Mario Cantone
Nathan P. Carey
Nicholas Viselli
Nicole Elizabeth Berger
Pamela Sabaugh
Paul Fitzgerald
Rolando Millet
Steven Bauer
Tom Nowicki



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