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Gold Diggers of 1937

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101 Minutes


tage-producer J.J. Horbart, is going to put on a new show, but he doesn't know that his two partners lost the money at the stock market. Insurance salesman Rosmer Peck falls in love with ex chorus-girl Joan Blondell, who's friend Genevieve tries to land on one of J.J Horbat's partners. They come up with the idea to insure J.J. for $1 Million, to get the money back when he dies. Rosmer sells him the policy. After the insurance Company finds out that he's only a hypochondriac, an attempt to kill him accidently fails, and Genevieve falls in love with J.J. But when J.J. is informed that he is putting on a show with no money he has a breakdown. The only possibility to restore his health is putting on the show, in spite of the lack of money.


Charles D. Brown
Charles Halton
Dick Powell
Glenda Farrell
Harry C. Bradley
Irene Ware
Joan Blondell
Joseph Crehan
Lee Dixon
Olin Howland
Osgood Perkins
Paul Irving
Rosalind Marquis
Victor Moore
William B. Davidson



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