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Ghost Cat

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90 Minutes


When 15-year old Natalie Merritt's mother dies, her father moves them both back to her mother's old hometown to stay in her childhood home. There, she comes to befriend Mrs. Ashboro, a former librarian who knew Natalie's mother. Mrs. Ashboro and Natalie also soon realize they both share in common the affections of Margaret, a protective, wizened old cat. After Mrs. Ashboro passes away, the Merritts start to rebuild their sense of home in Mrs. Ashboro's house, where the ghost of Margaret the cat lingers on to keep an eye out for Natalie.


Ellen Page
Kelti Macmillan
Lori Hallier
Mark Rendall
Michael Ontkean
Nigel Bennett
Shawn Roberts
Shirley Knight
Tom Barnett
Wade Lynch



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