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Garbo Talks

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103 Minutes


Anne Bancroft stars as Estelle Rolfe, an unconventional divorcee who resides in New York, in close proximity to her grown son Gilbert (Ron Silver) and his wife Lisa (Carrie Fisher). Though his wife yearns to move back to her home state of California, Gilbert cannot quite cut the silver cord that binds him to his mother. Upon learning that Estelle is dying, her dutiful son offers to honor her last request to meet the reclusive actress Greta Garbo. Also stars Harvey Fierstein, and Hermione Gingold.


Adolph Green
Alice Spivak
Anne Bancroft
Antonia Rey
Arlene Francis
Betty Comden
Carrie Fisher
Catherine Hicks
Denny Dillon
Dorothy Loudon
Harvey Fierstein
Hermione Gingold
Howard Da Silva
Liz Smith
Mary Mcdonnell
Maurice Sterman
Richard B. Shull
Ron Silver
Steven Hill



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