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Fuzz Track City

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Murphy Dunn (Todd Robert Anderson of Geek Nation's FILM PIGS) is a down-and-out private detective hired by a sultry woman (cult favorite Dee Wallace of THE LORDS OF SALEM, ET: THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL) to find her missing son. But soon this wannabe James Bond finds himself embroiled in a mystery of betrayal, music, and murder that surrounds an obscure 1970s rock record. Luckily this might actually give Murphy the chance to fire his weapon. Costarring Sean Wing (TV's HELLO LADIES) and Abby Miller (TV's JUSTIFIED), this award-winning indie comedy is fueled by an eclectic retro-rock soundtrack and is the debut feature from Steve Hicks.


Abby Miller
Dee Wallace
Gabrielle Stone
Josh Wingate
Matthew Ashford
Sean Wing
Tarina Pouncy
Todd Robert Anderson



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