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103 Minutes


Miguel (Michael Peña) is a hardworking father and devoted husband wrongfully accused of murdering the wife of a former sheriff (Ed Harris) after he illegally crosses the U.S. border. In an effort to help her husband, Miguel's pregnant wife (Eva Longoria) also attempts a crossing, but finds herself in the clutches of corrupt Mexican "Coyote" smugglers. The three find their lives intertwined as the ex-lawman investigates his wife's death and unearths evidence that could destroy one family's future, while saving the lives of the young couple. His discovery forces all sides to examine the complex issues of immigration and human trafficking that deeply affect the U.S. and Mexico. "Frontera" shows that while a border might divide the two countries, it can't divide human decency.


Aden Young
Amy Madigan
Daniel Zacapa
Dylan Kenin
Ed Harris
Eva Longoria
Evan Adrian
Julio Cedillo
Kristen Rakes
Lora Martinez-Cunningham
Lorél Medina
Marilyn Rising
Matthew Page
Mia Stallard
Michael Peña
Michael Ray Escamilla
Michelle Rios
Seth Adkins
Tenaya Torres
Tony Ford



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