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Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home

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95 Minutes


The fun and excitement are back - and so is Willy! The 7,000-pound whale who captured the world's imagination returns in a thrilling all-family adventure hailed by critics as better than Free Willy. Back, too, is Willy's pal Jesse (Jason James Richter), a teenager settling into life with his adoptive parents, with an eye for girls and a feisty half-brother named Elvis. He never expects to see Willy again. But during a Pacific Northwest vacation, Jesse meets a special girl and to his delight encounters Willy and his family! But when a tanker runs aground and spills oil, the whales are trapped - and the danger escalates when the oil ignites. To save Willy's family, Jesse must brave a sea of flame - and hope Willy will be there to rescue him right back.


August Schellenberg
Elizabeth Peña
Francis Capra
Jason James Richter
Jayne Atkinson
Jon Tenney
M. Emmet Walsh
Mary Kate Schellhardt
Michael Madsen
Mykelti Williamson



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