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Flying Devils

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115 Minutes


A family of trapeze artists dream of accomplishing the Quad, the most difficult quadruple somersault, for which a $250,000 prize has been offered. Their dream of making the Quad gets sidetracked when they are dropped by their manager, the youngest son gets involved with a woman twice his age, and the family patriarch gets heavily into gambling debt. Ultimately, they successfully perform the Quad, but it's in a run-down Italian circus with nobody there to record the event or even grasp the significance.


Carlos Valles
Claus Hesselberg
Erik Clausen
Erland Josephson
Flemming Quist Møller
Fred Gärtner
Guy Godefroy
Jean-Marc Montel
Johnny Wade
Jutta Richter-Haser
Karmen Atias
Margaretha Krook
Mario David
Nadeem Razaq Janjau
Ole Ernst
Ole Michelsen
Pete Lee-Wilson
Senta Berger
Trevor Laird
Warren Clarke
Wolf-Rüdiger Ohlhoff



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