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Flu Birds

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89 Minutes


During what is supposed to be a quiet camping retreat, six teens find themselves being hunted by giant birds infected with a mysterious virus that has morphed the birds into deadly predators. When the teens flee from the woods to a nearby military bunker on the outskirts of town, the flock of infected birds descends, spreading the killer virus they carry throughout the nearby town. One by one, the townspeople succumb to the virus, but a small group of them and the teens are able to find impenetrable shelter, at least for now. Will the teens be able to make it out of the town alive or will they end up as bird food?


Bill Posley
Brent Lydic
Calin Stanciu
Clare Carey
Gabriel Costin
Jonathon Trent
Lance Guest
Rebekah Kochan
Sarah Butler
Serban Celea
Tarri Markel



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