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Flash Point

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88 Minutes


Action masters Wilson Yip and Donnie Yen deliver nonstop martial arts thrills in this tale of triad gang warfare in pre-handover Hong Kong. Reckless Detective Ma (Yen) threatens the careful work of his partner, Wilson (Louis Koo), who's finally infiltrated a notorious triad gang. As the operation begins to collapse, Ma enters the fray to go one-on-one against the triad leader (Collin Chou) before he takes over the streets.


Aaron Leung
Austin Wai Tin-Chi
Ben Lam
Collin Chou
Donnie Yen
Fan Bingbing
Irene Wong
Kenji Tanigaki
Kent Cheng
Lan Law
Louis Koo
Ray Lui
Teresa Ha Ping
Timmy Hung
Tony Ho Wah-Chiu
Wai Ai
Wong Chi-Wai
Xing Yu
Xu Qing
Xu Wen-Qing



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