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Fireman, Save My Child

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67 Minutes


Joe Grant is an inventor, fireman and baseball player in his small home town. He gets an offer to play in a big team, he hopes to get more money for his inventions. But he is invited to present his invention to a fire-extinguisher company at the same time when he is supposed to play. Will he be able to show the effectiveness of his invention and win the game?


Ben Hendricks Jr.
Cliff Saum
Curtis Benton
Dickie Moore
Eddie Graham
Evalyn Knapp
Frank Shellenback
Frederick Burton
George Ernest
George Macfarlane
George Meeker
Guy Kibbee
Harry Tenbrook
Henry Otho
Joe E. Brown
Larry Steers
Lilian Bond
Louis Robinson
Polly Walters
Richard Carle
Virginia Sale
Wade Boteler



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