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Finding Joy

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95 Minutes


Pompous and self-absorbed Kyle Livingston, mid-30s, (Josh Cooke), is unhappily stuck in his life, longing to relive the success of his first novel. His not-so-desirable life rapidly unravels forcing him to return home to his wildly eccentric family with his tail between his legs, only to discover his estranged father, Alan, 60s, (Barry Bostwick), a handsome agoraphobic curmudgeon, has converted his old bedroom into a tacky bathroom. Fueling Kyle's rage against his family his older brother Marshall, 40s, (Tyler Bunch) a goofball telemarketer with a secret, his sister-in-law Patsy, late 30s, (Kiki Harris), a highly strung former cheerleader in the middle of a meltdown, Mel, 14, (Arielle Hoffman) their wise, sensitive, largely ignored daughter, and Gloria, 60s, (Lainie Kazan) Alan's exuberant, nurturing live-in lady friend.


Barry Bostwick
Josh Cooke
Lainie Kazan
Liane Balaban



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