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Evil Bong

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86 Minutes


A group of stoners inhale more than they bargained for when they smoke from an evil bong in this campy comedy. The guys buy a vintage bong named EeBee from an ad in High Times magazine, but they have no idea the possessed pipe will gradually suck them into a horrifying surreal world. As they fight for their lives, EeBee's former owner (none other than Tommy Chong) -- the only one who understands the power of the bong -- tries to rescue them.


Bill Moseley
Brandi Cunningham
Brian Lloyd
Dale Dymkoski
David Weidoff
Gina-Raye Carter
Jacob Witkin
John Patrick Jordan
Kristen Caldwell
Kristyn Green
Mae Laborde
Michelle Mais
Mitch Eakins
Phil Fondacaro
Robin Sydney
Sonny Carl Davis
Sylvester Terkay
Tim Thomerson
Tommy Chong



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