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Dot 2 Dot

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90 Minutes


"Dot 2 Dot" directed and produced by the first time filmmaker Amos WHY. Starring Moses CHAN, MENG Ting-yi, Susan SHAW, LAM Tze Chung, David SIU and Candy CHEUNG. A refreshing take on the pressing issues of urban change and collective memory, with just the right dose of humour and romance. Chung(acted by Moses CHAN) returns from Canada to a drastically transformed Hong Kong and hoping to capture the city in his childhood years, graffitis a cryptic diagram near every subway station, in the form of dot-to-dot games. Soon they are discovered by Xue(acted by MENG Ting-yi), a Putonghua teacher from China determined to solve these riddles as she immerses herself in our city's culture and history.


Amos Why
Candy Cheung
Crystal Cheung
David Siu
Lam Chi-Chung
Lam Tze-Chung
Moses Chan
Siu Yam-Yam
Teresa Kwong
Ting-Yi Meng



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