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85 Minutes


Meet Doogal, a loveable yet clumsy dog with a penchant for sweets. Doogal and his friends enjoy life full of birdsong and color, everyone laughing and singing, in an Enchanted Village protected by Zebedee, bouncing wizard. Suddenly a spell from Zebedee's evil twin brother Zeebad freezes the Enchanted Village and casts Zebedee to another realm. The evil ice sorcerer Zeebad has three days to find the three diamonds that will enable him to rule the earth with a frozen iron fist forever. It's up to Doogal and his friends – Ermiturede a singing cow, Dylan a laid back guitarpicking-kung-fu-master rabbit, and Brian, the intelligent yet bashful snail to spring into action on this perilous quest, fraught with danger, to retrieve the diamonds before Zeebad gets to them. It's a race against time to save the world from the evil of this frigid wizard.


Bill Hader
Bill Hader
Chevy Chase
Cory Edwards
Daniel Tay
Heidi Brook Myers
Ian Mckellen
Ian Mckellen
Jimmy Fallon
John Krasinski
Jon Stewart
Judi Dench
Kevin Smith
Kylie Minogue
Whoopi Goldberg
William H. Macy



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