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92 Minutes


Featuring explosive chemistry between rising stars Chris Zylka (The Leftovers) and Riley Keough (Mad Max: Fury Road) and impressive supporting performances from music legends Faith Hill and Steve Earle, Dixieland is an intoxicating portrait of life and love on the margins. Fresh out of prison, Kermit (Zylka), a mostly good kid mixed up with local drug dealers, returns home to his rural Mississippi trailer park. As he struggles to keep his nose clean, he falls for Rachel (Keough), his sultry neighbor who's turned to dancing in a club to support her sick mother. Determined to overcome their inauspicious circumstances, the star-crossed lovers make a desperate, last-ditch effort to escape their dead-end town—but soon find themselves ensnared in a cycle of crime.


Alex Calhoon
Alexa Rohde
Brad Carter
Carl Fritscher
Chris Zylka
Clint Hedgepeth
Corey Jantzen
Davis Cannada
Fabian C. Moreno
Faith Hill
Hans Marrero
James W. Evermore
Jamie Jordan
John Clofine
Katie Shurden
Mick Foley
Pedro Anaya Pérez
Riley Keough
Rj Mitte
Sergio Figueroa
Shy Pilgreen
Spencer Lofranco
Steve Earle
Vincent Eugene Hatten



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