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Dinocroc vs. Supergator

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80 Minutes


In the tradition of the great Godzilla “versus” films and the modern-day hits like Mega-Shark vs. Giant Octopus, comes a new soon-to-be cult classic! When a rich, evil investor's personal experiment goes awry, it releases the mutated Dinocroc. The only way to destroy the creature is to release its mortal enemy, Supergator. With two creatures on the loose, it is up to a scientist and a hunter to stop the bloodshed and put an end to the carnage once and for all. Produced by Academy-Award®-winner Roger Corman and starring David Carradine (KILL BILL VOL. 1 & 2) and John Callahan (THE A-TEAM).


Adrian Alvarado
Alex Morrow
Amy Rasimas Holt
Ashley Murphy
Aurelia Scheppers
Bam Bam
Bob Meyer
Bobby Baron
Brandi Williams
Brooks Kephart
Bryan Hanna
Carrie Stevens
Chris King
Corey Landis
David Carradine
Delia Sheppard
Eddie Spivak
Eduardo Rojas
Emeka Ndukwe
Gerald Jenkinson
Herbert Becher
Irina De Grancy
James C. Burns
Jason Schwaede
Jeff Fukushima
Jeff Rector
Jenny Robinson
Jerry Hess
Jim Wynorski
John Callahan
Jon Mack
Katy Magnuson
Lisa Clapperton
Malcolm Rodriguez
Mary Szudy
Matt Riggle
Michael Bernardi
Michael Edelstein
Michael Swan
Orit Shuckroon
Paul Levenhagen
Paula Schwaede
Poppy Shell
Reuben A. Tafoya
Rib Hillis
Robert Bean
Roy Schwaede
Ryan Satin
Samantha Manson
Shane Schoeppner
Spencer Douglas
Steve Silverie
Tamie Sheffield
Terrill Hardaway
Timur Suk
Travis Richey
Victor Macias



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