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Dear Dumb Diary

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84 Minutes


In the tone of Dairy of a Wimpy Kid. Jamie has a bit of every 'tween in her. She's the nerd, the cute girl, the jealous girl, and the brainiac all wrapped up in one. She learns that hating someone just because you think they're perfect is not right and that you cannot bend the rules for your own gain. Jamie pays for her mistakes in the way we all did: by "social ridicule," unrequited love, and guilt. Yet through all of her adolescent pain and melodrama she learns how to be a better person and sometimes it is a little more fun to see the world through music and glitter.


Anson Bagley
David Mazouz
Emily Alyn Lind
Jeffrey Hanson
Lea Delaria
Maddie Corman
Marie Sharon
Marlys Miller-Fladeland
Mary-Charles Jones
Natalie Alyn Lind
Sterling Griffith



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