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Danger Street

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68 Minutes


When a newspaper publisher decides to sell his newspaper, the newspaper's employees decide to pool together their resources and buy the newspapers themselves. Lead photojournalist Pat Marvin (Withers) barely manages to escape a casino with her life after taking compromising photos of secretive society girl Cynthia Van Loan (Riley). The newspaper's editor, Larry Burke (Lowery) decides to sell the photos to another magazine to raise funds to keep the barely-hanging-on newspaper afloat. However, the photos buyer is murdered, leading to Pat and Larry trying to solve the complicated murder mystery, without getting murdered themselves.


Audrey Young
Bess Flowers
Bill Edwards
Charles Coleman
Charles Quigley
Eddie Parks
Elaine Riley
Guy Wilkerson
Hal K. Dawson
Harlan Briggs
Jane Withers
Lorin Raker
Lyle Talbot
Nina Mae Mckinney
Paul Harvey
Robert Lowery
Roy Gordon
Will Wright



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