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Dancing Pirate

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83 Minutes


In 1820, Jonathan Pride (Collins), a dance teacher from Boston, decides to book passage on a ship to go visit his relatives. However, he is soon kidnapped by a gang of pirates and forced to work in the galley. When the pirate ship docks in the port of Las Palamos, Jonathan manages to steal clothes from one of the pirates and escapes. However, everyone in Las Palamos, including the port's Governor Alcade (Morgan) and beautiful local Serafina (Duna), believe that Jonathan is the pirate's leader, leading to some hilarious complications. Lighthearted and fun, "The Dancing Pirate" will entertain and delight the audience. Available for the first time in COLOR (all other releases were in black and white). Nominated for Academy Award for Best Dance Direction.


Alma Real
Charles Collins
Frank Morgan
Jack La Rue
John Eberts
Julian Rivero
Luis Alberni
Mitchell Lewis
Steffi Duna
The Royal Cansino Dancers
Victor Varconi
William V. Mong



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