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Dance, Fools, Dance

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80 Minutes


Look out, Jake Luva. That sinuous moll cuddling up to you on the dance floor isn't the floozy she seems. She's Bonnie Jordan, ex-society girl and current undercover reporter, investigating a murder that has your fingerprints all over it. She has what it takes, all right - to take you and your crime empire down. As Bonnie and Jake, Joan Crawford and Clark Gable exude plenty of pre-Code sensuality in their first screen teaming. Gable is fifth-billed, but the moment he and Crawford go into a clinch, there is no question who in the film could match her star power. Crawford and Gable went on to make seven more films together. And each smoldered with the red-hot chemistry originally sparked in Dance, Fools, Dance.


Clark Gable
Cliff Edwards
Earle Foxe
Hale Hamilton
Joan Crawford
Joan Marsh
Lester Vail
Natalie Moorhead
Purnell Pratt
Russell Hopton
William Bakewell
William Holden



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