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Crystal Skulls

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88 Minutes


In the year 2020, a rapidly growing Black Hole headed straight for the sun plunges the Earth into darkness. Governments around the world race to build massive space arks for the lucky few who will escape Earth's tragic fate. However, archaeologists discover a solution hidden beneath ancient Mayan ruins: 12 ancient skulls that can stop the destruction. Now it's up to an unlikely team of those left behind on Earth to find the hidden skulls and rescue mankind before it can be wiped out.


Angela Rodel
David Rintoul
Derek Morse
Elayah Roth
Hristo Mitzkov
Hugh Fraser
Hugh Fraser
Iliana Lazarova
J.R. Esposito
Joe Gaminara
Julian Kostov
Luke Cousins
Matt Rippy
Peter Ladjev
Richard Burgi
Roxanne Pallett
Sadie Katz
Sam Redford
Terry Randall
Terry Randall
Velislav Pavlov
Wendy Glenn



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