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Crimes and Misdemeanors

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107 Minutes


A New York doctor resorts to desperate measures when his long-term mistress threatens to reveal their affair if he doesn't marry her. When his brother offers to eliminate the situation, he is faced with a moral dilemma. Meanwhile, Clifford Stern is commissioned to make a portrait of successful TV producer and brother-in-law Lester, who represents everything that Clifford despises.


Alan Alda
Anjelica Huston
Anna Berger
Bill Bernstein
Caroline Aaron
Claire Bloom
Daryl Hannah
David S. Howard
Dolores Sutton
Donna Castellano
Frances Conroy
George J. Manos
Grace Phillips
Grace Phillips
Gregg Edelman
Hy Anzell
Jenny Nichols
Jerry Orbach
Jerry Zaks
Joanna Gleason
Kenny Vance
Martin Landau
Mia Farrow
Nora Ephron
Rebecca Schull
Robin Bartlett
Sam Waterston
Sol Frieder
Stephanie Roth Haberle
Sylvia Kauders
Victor Argo
Woody Allen



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