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84 Minutes


18-year-old John Dakota is running from his past: his hateful father blames him for the tragic death of his brother. On his own now, Dakota winds up in trouble in a small Texas town and finds work at the Diamond Thoroughbred Horse Ranch. Although out of his element, he begins to build a life for himself. He comes to know the Lechners: Walt, a horseman of unexpected wisdom; Molly, a spirited and independent girl who captures Dakota's heart; and Casey, a persistent 12-year-old boy who stirs memories he would rather ignore. When his past inexorably catches up with him, Dakota must choose to keep on running, or face his enemies with the beautiful woman he has come to love.


Amanda Plummer
Hallie Foote
Horton Foote Jr.
Richard Jenkins
Rochelle Oliver
Steven Hill
Tonea Stewart
William Converse-Roberts



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