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Come On, Tarzan

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61 Minutes


Ken Maynard's exceptionally intelligent horse, Tarzan the Wonder Horse, is the star of this western about evil cowboy Steve Frazer (Welch) who gathers horses for slaughter, whose meat is sold to pet food manufacturers. The wild horse Tarzan frees the doomed horses from their corrals, and Frazer convinces the Sheriff that Tarzan is a threat and can be shot on sight. Local cowboy Ken Benson (Maynard) and rancher Pat Riley (Kennedy) work together to clear Tarzan's good name and put Frazier behind bars for his evil deeds.


Al Taylor
Ben Corbett
Billy Franey
Blackjack Ward
Bob Burns
Bob Kortman
Bud Mcclure
Charles Le Moyne
Edmund Cobb
Edward Burns
Hank Bell
Henry Hall
Jack Rockwell
Jim Corey
Kate Campbell
Ken Maynard
Merna Kennedy
Nelson Mcdowell
Niles Welch
Robert Walker
Roy Stewart
Slim Whitaker



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