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Closer to the Moon

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112 Minutes


A band of Romanian freedom fighters pull the crime of the century in this gripping heist film based on an incredible true story. Bucharest, 1959: with anti-Semitism on the rise, a group of Jewish WWII resistance members, led by a police inspector (The Imitation Game's Mark Strong) and an academic (Vera Farmiga), reteam for an audacious act of political agitation. Posing as a movie crew, they hold up the Romanian National Bank by making it look like a film shoot. But what comes next is even more unbelievable when the group is handed down a punishment as outlandish as their crime. Game of Thrones' Harry Lloyd co-stars in this slyly comic satire ripped from the strange-but-true pages of history.


Allan Corduner
Anton Lesser
Christian Mckay
Harry Lloyd
Joe Armstrong
Mark Strong
Martin Mcdougall
Monica Barladeanu
Tim Plester
Vera Farmiga



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