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Chicks Dig Gay Guys

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82 Minutes


Lifelong friends Brad and Scooter think they know every trick in the book. Lately even their best pick up lines aren't working. After another disastrous night Scooter has a revelation: Chicks Dig Gay Guys. If you're the gay guy, you're in! With his gay alter ego 'Chancellor' created Scooter discovers he can slip into a woman's comfort zone with ease. When Brad uses Scooter's new gay technique to pursue the girl of his dreams he finds himself caught in a web of lies and a world of trouble.


Adele René
Alexis Carra
Brian Patrick Murphy
Chasty Ballesteros
Elizabeth Bond
Eric Roberts
Filip Watermann
Greg Travis
Hayley Ogas
Kara Lindquist
Maitland Mcconnell
Mara Marini
Mary Legault
Mindy Robinson
Nathan Anderson
Phillip Brock
Taylor M. Graham
Terri Ivens



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