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Cheech & Chong's Next Movie

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99 Minutes


The zany twosome are back for some smoke-enhanced misadventures in this riotous comedy. This time, Cheech must deal with an angry neighbor and losing his job, all while trying to score with a sexy young lady. Meanwhile, Chong meets Cheech's cousin, Red (Cheech Marin in a dual role), and the two new buds have a wild time buzzing around Hollyweird in a bad Ferrari. Along the way, the dynamic duo find time for some mishaps at a movie set, the welfare office, a hotel, a brothel, a music store, a rich girl's house, a comedy club, the ultimate weed field and a UFO - all before the second reel! It's an outrageous comedy that you and your friends will be toking about for a long time to come.


Alan Dysert
Betty Kennedy
Bob Mcclurg
Bobby A.
Brandy Roe
Cassandra Peterson
Catherine Bergstrom
Charles D. Laird
Cheech Marin
Christine A. Mckee
Dick Frattali
Don Davis
Edie Mcclurg
Evelyn Guerrero
Frank Picard
Gary Austin
Gay Guldstrand
Gregg Sawaya
Herbert Coley
Jay Moreno
Jonathan T. Moore
Kim Hopkins
Lita Aubry
Marguerite Ray
Mark H. Gilman
Mary Anderson
Michael Drummon
Michael Winslow
Nan Mason
Paul E. Lewis
Paul Reubens
Phil Hartman
Rita Wilson
Robert Linder
Shelby Chong
Steven Kavner
Sy Kramer
Tim Culbertson
Tim Silva
Tommy Chong
Tony Viscarra
Tracy Newman



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