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Charlotte Gray

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121 Minutes


Charlotte Gray's World War II assignment could be the first of many. Or her fatal last. The people she meets could be friends or insidious traitors. Trained to be an undercover courier for England, Charlotte straps on a parachute and falls from the sky into Vichy France. There she will assist the French Resistance in its defiance of Nazi occupation. Only one of three couriers will return home. Cate Blanchett enthralls as Charlotte, who goes behind enemy lines while keeping secret her personal mission to find her lover, an RAF pilot downed over France.


Abigail Cruttenden
Angus Wright
Anton Lesser
Billy Crudup
Cate Blanchett
Charlie Condou
Charlotte Mcdougall
Erich Redman
Helen Mccrory
Hugh Ross
Jack Shepherd
James Fleet
John Benfield
John Pierce Jones
Michael Gambon
Nicholas Farrell
Robert Hands
Ron Cook
Rupert Penry-Jones
Tom Goodman-Hill



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