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Chaos Theory

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87 Minutes


Chaos Theory is a heartwarming comedy about family, friends, and finding order in a world of complete disorder. Frank Allen (Ryan Reynolds) is a man known for playing it safe. Every choice he makes is deliberate––designed to contribute to a well-ordered, predictable life. But life, as he learns, does not always adhere to a schedule. Frank's regimented existence begins to unravel when a stunning family revelation forces him to re-examine the concept of fate. Shaken to his core, Frank throws caution to the wind and decides to break all the rules and conventions that have defined him. Frank is about to discover that not even an efficiency expert armed with timetables and index cards can change the serendipitous nature of family and friendship, love and forgiveness.


Alessandro Juliani
Chris William Martin
Christine Chatelain
Christopher Jacot
Constance Zimmer
Daryl Shuttleworth
David Berner
Denalda Williams
Donavon Stinson
Elisabeth Harnois
Emily Mortimer
Jocelyne Loewen
Jovanna Huguet
Laurie Murdoch
Linnea Sharples
Lisa Calder
Matreya Fedor
Mike Erwin
Patricia Idlette
Ryan Reynolds
Sarah Chalke
Sarah Edmondson
Simon Chin
Stuart Townsend
Ty Olsson



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