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As the world excitedly awaited what should have been a routine liftoff for the space shuttle Challenger, complications turned the mission into a ticking time bomb. One of the crew was Christa McAuliffe, a schoolteacher chosen from hundreds of candidates to be the first civilian in space. This compelling account, based on the true story, offers a poignant look into the lives of the crew members.


Adam Englund
Alan Ackles
Alissa Alban
Angela Bassett
Anne Klousia
Barry Bostwick
Bill Bolender
Blue Deckert
Brady Coleman
Brian Kerwin
Danny Kamin
Darlesia Cearcy
Debbie Boily
Dennis Letts
Eileen Morris
Elizabeth Kemp
Gavin Luckett
Gloria Hocking
James Belcher
James Mcqueen
James Monroe Black
Jeanne Mori
Joe Berryman
Joe Berryman
Joe Morton
John Beaird
Julie Fulton
Kale Browne
Karen Allen
Ken Magee
Keone Young
Kristin Bond
Lane Smith
Lou Michaels
Marco Perella
Melanie Haynes
Melinda Ann Austin
Melissa Chan
Melodee Bowman
Naoka Nakagawa
Nathan Mason
Norman Bennett
Peter Boyle
Randy Means
Raye Birk
Richard Jenkins
Robert Michael Bryce
Rodger Boyce
Sean Hennigan
Sean Mcgraw
Ted Baader
Terri Harrel
Thomas Allen Jr.
Wirt Cain



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