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Carried Away

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109 Minutes


Based on Jim Harrison's book, "Farmer". 47-year-old Joseph Svenden lives on the family farm with his dying mother and teaches at a two room schoolhouse with Rosealee, his lover and his best friend's widow. Joseph, who lacks a college degree, learns that he will lose his teaching job at the end of the year when the school district expands into his town. Meanwhile, he is seduced by 17-year-old Catherine, a new student in his class. His affair with Catherine and losing his teaching job forces Joseph to take a look at his previously dull life and to decide how he wants to live the rest of it.


Amy Irving
Amy Locane
Christopher Pettiet
Connie Cooper
Dennis Hopper
Doug Jackson
Doug Jackson
Eleese Lester
Gail Cronauer
Gary Busey
Hal Holbrook
Joe Stevens
Julie Harris
Priscilla Pointer



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