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93 Minutes


Ex-con-turned-race car driver Coy "Cannonball" Buckman signs up for the annual Trans-American Grand Prix, an illegal outlaw road race that starts at the Santa Monica Pier in California and ends in a garage in the lower west side of New York City. His girlfriend, who's also his parole officer, refuses to let him go, but she ends up getting dragged along for the ride. But what Coy doesn't know is that his brother makes a bet with the local Mafia that Coy wins the race.


Allan Arkush
Archie Hahn
Aron Kincaid
Belinda Balaski
Bill Mckinney
Carl Gottlieb
David Arkin
David Carradine
David N. Gottlieb
Diane Lee Hart
Dick Miller
Don Simpson
Gerrit Graham
Glynn Rubin
James Keach
James Lashly
Joe Dante
Joe Wong
John Herzfeld
Jonathan Kaplan
Joseph Mcbride
Judy Canova
Keith Michl
Louisa Moritz
Martin Scorsese
Mary Woronov
Mary-Robin Redd
Michael Finnell
Miller Drake
Patrick M. Wright
Paul Bartel
Paul Glickler
Peter Cornberg
Read Morgan
Robert Carradine
Roger Corman
Samuel W. Gelfman
Saul Krugman
Stanley Bennett Clay
Sylvester Stallone
Todd Mccarthy
Veronica Hamel



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