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Calendar Girls

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108 Minutes


When 12 ordinary members of the Women's Institute, a prim and proper local ladies' club, decide they need to find a more compelling way to raise money for a new charity, they turn to their traditional annual calendar and give it a very untraditional twist. Behind the usual baked goods, the apple pressing, and the flower arrangements are the women -- completely nude! Starring 2003 Golden Globe nominee Helen Mirren (Best Actress, Calendar Girls) and Julie Walters (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets), Calendar Girls is a terrifically entertaining comedy. And that's the naked truth.


Adil Hussain
Alison Pargeter
Angela Baker
Angela Curran
Angus Barnett
Annette Crosbie
Arthur Kelly
Ashley Niles
Belinda Everett
Beryl Bamforth
Bob Flag
Celia Henebury
Celia Imrie
Christa Ackroyd
Christine Clancy
Ciarán Hinds
Craig Kirkwood
Darren Southworth
Diana Marchment
Elizabeth Bennett
Frank Barrie
Frank Bello
Geoffrey Banks
Geoffrey Wilkinson
George Costigan
Georgie Glen
Geraldine James
Gillian Wright
Graham Crowden
Harriet Thorpe
Helen Mirren
Ian Embleton
Janet Howd
Jay Leno
John Alderton
John Bush
John Fortune
John Sharian
John Sparkes
John-Paul Macleod
Julie Walters
Lesley Staples
Linda Bassett
Lynda Logan
Maggie Mccarthy
Marc Pickering
Mark Hayford
Matt Malloy
Merryn Owen
Patton Oswalt
Paul Mcleary
Penelope Wilton
Peter Lorenzelli
Philip Glenister
Richard Ashton
Richard Braine
Ros Fawcett
Rosalind March
Roy Harrison
Scott Ian
Shameer Seepersand
Sharon Cain Thomas
Simon Ludders
Ted Robbins
Tim Barker
Tricia Stewart
Waqas Altaf
Wilfred Harrison



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