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Buffalo Soldiers

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98 Minutes


A U.S. soldier with nothing to fight but boredom as the Cold War winds down, Ray Elwood (Phoenix) enjoys the rush of trading anything he can get his hands on in West Germany's booming black market ... while his inept commander (Ed Harris, THE HOURS) is none the wiser. Everything is perfect ... until he starts dating the new sergeant's daughter (Anna Paquin). But before he can pull off one last big score, Elwood's escalating personal war with Sergeant Lee will send him deeper into a deadly mess ... that may not have a way out!


Alexander Theodossiadis
Alexis Rodney
Amani Gethers
Anna Paquin
Antonio Ruffin
Brian Delate
David Crow
Dean Stockwell
Derek Lea
Ed Harris
Elizabeth Mcgovern
Enoch Frost
Gabriel Mann
Gary Washington
Gerald Jacy
Glenn Fitzgerald
Glenn Stephens
Haluk Bilginer
Idris Elba
Ilhani Terzi
James 'Kimo' Wills
James Battles
Jason Rayford
Jimmie Ray Weeks
Joaquin Phoenix
John Lovett
Josef Ostendorf
Kick Gurry
Lars Rudolph
Leon Deavers
Leon Robinson
Mark Anthony Newman
Martin Cole
Michael Johnson
Michael Peña
Noah Lee Margetts
Paul Conway
Roger Griffiths
Scott Glenn
Shiek Mahmud-Bey
Terrence Packer
Tom Ellis
Tom George



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