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Budz House

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84 Minutes


Bud Howard and his stoner buddies hit the jackpot when they find a giant bag of kush. They soon realize it belongs to a trigger-happy drug lord, and hide it under their house. When a bathroom mishap accidentally fertilizes the stash, they seize the opportunity to sell the “super weed” in an effort to pay back the drug lord (and save a little extra for booty on the side). Bud and his friends must escape the crossfire of rival gangs while still finding time to get high.


Aaron Scotti
Aldo Gonzalez
Anthony Mckinley
Ashley Dyke
Carlos Linares
Chandra Mason
Danielle Hawkins
Edo Walker
Emilio Rivera
Faizon Love
Gerald Kelly
J.R. Starr
J.T. Jackson
Jayden Lund
Jorge Diaz
Kelly Robins Hicks
Michael Sherman
P.B. Smiley
Richard Lund
Richard Tanner
Shiney Elizabeth
Shon Lange
Terrell Anderson
Trice Johnson
Wesley Jonathan



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