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Buckskin Frontier

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76 Minutes


A railroad man and the owner of a freight line battle for control of a crucial mountain pass. Dix's opposition comes from freight wagon owner Lee J. Cobb, due to Dix's railroad cutting into his business and Dix's opposition to Cobb. Complicating matters is that Cobb's daughter Jane Wyatt has fallen for the railroad man. But the real villain turns out to be rival railroad owner Victor Jory, who is looking to take out both Cobb and Dix.


Al Haskell
Albert Dekker
Art Dillard
Bill Nestell
Blackie Whiteford
Bob Card
Clem Fuller
Earle Hodgins
Francis Mcdonald
George Morrell
George Reeves
Harry Allen
Herman Hack
Jack Tornek
Jane Wyatt
Joe Sawyer
Lee J. Cobb
Lola Lane
Max Baer
Merrill Mccormick
Paul Kruger
Ralph Bucko
Richard Dix
Rose Plumer
Roy Bucko
Scott Seaton
Silver Tip Baker
Tex Cooper
Tex Phelps
Victor Jory



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