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Britannia Hospital

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116 Minutes


All the anarchic fun and vulgarity of the "Carry On" films, with an element of deeper social criticism. The action takes place in an ancient hospital that comes to resemble Britain at its most chaotic. The staff threaten to strike, demonstrators surround the place, a nosey BBC reporter pursues an anxious professor, while a royal visit degenerates into a total shambles. And all this to the music of Alan Price.


Alan Bates
Barbara Hicks
Brian Pettifer
Catherine Willmer
Dave Atkins
Fulton Mackay
Gladys Crosbie
Graham Crowden
Jill Bennett
Joan Plowright
John Bett
John Bett
John Moffatt
Leonard Rossiter
Liz Smith
Malcolm Mcdowell
Marcus Powell
Mark Hamill
Marsha A. Hunt
Mary Macleod
Pauline Melville
Peter Jeffrey
Ram John Holder
Richard Griffiths
Robbie Coltrane
Robin Askwith
Vivian Pickles



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