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86 Minutes


The staff of an accountant are brutally murdered. Only Paul Damone escapes, he didn t know that his partner, used to launder money for the mob and was to testify at an upcoming trial. Paul is killed by dirty cops assigned to protect him, his brother is determined to track them down.


Alisa Christensen
Anthony Peck
Brant Von Hoffman
Brook Susan Parker
Brooks Gardner
Burton Richardson
Carl Ciarfalio
Charles Seixas
Christopher Kriesa
Craig Ryan Ng
Cyndi Pass
Darwin Benjamin
Eddie Frias
Eric Mansker
Eugene Robert Glazer
George Perez
J.P. Romano
James Welch
Jeff Pruitt
Judd Omen
Ken Ober
Koichi Sakamoto
Lawrence Lowe
Leo Lee
Lorenzo Lamas
Matthias Hues
Paul Regina
Ray Laska
Robert Mangiardi
Robert Woods
Steve Cohen
Steve Hulin
Steve Picerni
Steven Lambert
Tsuyoshi Abe
Wesley Thompson
Whip Hubley



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