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Body Shots

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106 Minutes


One night changes the lives of eight twentysomethings forever when four guys and four girls set off on a wild ride through Los Angeles' nightlife and find more--and less--than they anticipated. Fueled by the need for love and intimacy, the evening takes them on a crash course through the turbulent world of sex and dating. Staring Tara Reid ("American Pie," "The Big Lebowski"), Amanda Peet ("Somethings Gotta Give," "Identity"), Sean Patrick Flanery ("The Boondock Saints," "Powder") and Jerry OConnell ("Jerry Maguire," "Stand by Me").


Adam Lieberman
Adina Porter
Allison Dunbar
Amanda Peet
Benny Quan
Brad Rowe
Edmund Genest
Elizabeth Liebel
Emily Procter
Jerry O'Connell
Joe Basile
Larry Joshua
Liz Coke
Lou Paget
Marc Lynn
Mark Hicks
Nick Spano
Ron Livingston
Scott Burkholder
Sean Patrick Flanery
Sybil Darrow
Sybil Temchen
Tara Reid
Wendy Schenker



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