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Billy Two Hats

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99 Minutes


Gregory Peck, a grizzled old Scottish bandit operating in the American West, teams up with a young "half-breed" (Desi Arnaz, Jr.) to commit a robbery. Things go badly: the haul nets them only $420 and they accidentally killed a citizen. Arnaz is captured, and Peck, rescuing him, is severely wounded in the leg. Now they are on the run. Peck and Arnaz meet a rancher and his young wife, and pay the rancher to haul Peck to a doctor in his wagon--four days away. Left alone, Arnaz and the rancher's wife are the inevitable victims of the "birds and the bees," an idyll interrupted by a racist sheriff (Jack Warden) who has been after Arnaz. A final deadly confrontation will involve the sheriff, the rancher, Peck and a murderous band of Indian renegades. Ted Kotcheff directed this first Western shot in Israel.


David Huddleston
Desi Arnaz Jr.
Gregory Peck
Henry Medicine Hat
Jack Warden
Sian Barbara Allen
Vincent St. Cyr
Zeev Berlinsky



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