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Big Night

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107 Minutes


In a restaurant run by two Italian immigrants, the tables sit empty despite the extraordinary talents of Primo the chef (Tony Shalhoub,"Monk") and the ambitious efforts of his brother Secondo (Stanley Tucci, The Devil Wears Prada). A celebrity night at their restaurant promises not only to turn their business around but to change their lives. It's a five-course gourmet experience filled with rich, delicious characters including the marriage-minded girlfriend (OscarĀ®Nominee* Minnie Driver), the seductive mistress (Isabella Rossellini) and the successful rival (OscarĀ® Nominee** Ian Holm). From the first bite to the last, this critically-acclaimed movie dishes up an irresistible evening of scrumptious entertainment.


Allison Janney
Andre Belgrader
Caroline Aaron
Dina Waters
Ian Holm
Isabella Rossellini
Liev Schreiber
Marc Anthony
Minnie Driver
Stanley Tucci
Tony Shalhoub



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