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Beyond the Gates

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115 Minutes


In April 1994, a secondary school in Kigali, Rwanda called the Ecole Technique Officielle (ETO), being used as a UN army base, became a refugee camp. Belgian UN troops, school children, NGO workers and over 2,500 Tutsi citizens and their sympathizers took refuge against a raging genocide while the Hutu militia, clad with machetes, clamored outside the school gates. Five days later, the UN troops withdrew from the school, taking the whites with them. Within hours, almost all of the Rwandans were dead. Beyond The Gates is about the choices we make when we are free to choose. In the tragic circumstances of the Ecole Technique Officielle, would you have left with the UN troops on the fifth day or would you have stayed?


Clare-Hope Ashitey
David Gyasi
Dominique Horwitz
Hugh Dancy
John Hurt
Kizito Ssentamu Kayiira
Musa Kasonka Jr.
Nicola Walker
Steve Toussaint
Susan Nalwoga
Victor Power
Victor Power



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