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Beware of Ladies

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64 Minutes


Female reporter Betty White (Allen) is assigned by her boss to cover a young, idealistic crusading lawyer named George Martin in his political bid to oust the current crooked District Attorney. Betty begins to fall in love with George against her best professional judgement. However, her estranged no-good husband follows Betty around in her new assignment, and manages to take a photo of Betty and George in a compromising situation. The photo not only aids the man in his divorce proceedings by slandering her good name, but destroys George's political future. However, George decides to work to help clear Betty's name.


Donald Cook
Dwight Frye
Eric Wilton
George Meeker
Goodee Montgomery
Josephine Whittell
Judith Allen
Robert Emmett Keane
Robert Strange
Russell Hopton
William Crowell
William Hopper
William Newell



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