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Being Human

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121 Minutes


What's better than one Robin Williams? How about five of him? In five distinct yet cleverly interlocked roles, Williams is a cave dweller, a Roman slave, a medieval wayfarer, a Portuguese nobleman shipwrecked in Africa and a modern Manhattanite whose home life has hit the rocks. Each character reaches for survival, love, belonging -for all the things that made humankind draw together in the first place. Each is a human being faced with an unforgettable and universal challenge: Being Human.


Andrew Tiernan
Anna Galiena
Bill Nighy
David Mcgowan
David Morrissey
Donald Sumpter
Eoin Mccarthy
Ewan Mcgregor
Finlay Welsh
Héctor Elizondo
Iain Andrews
Irvine Allen
Jim Hooper
John Turturro
Jonathan Hyde
Kelly Hunter
Kelly Hunter
Ken Stott
Laurance Rudic
Lorraine Bracco
Luke Hardy
Maudie Johnson
Max Johnson
Michael Nardone
Paul Higgins
Peter Kelly
Robert Carlyle
Robert Cavanah
Robin Hooper
Robin Hooper
Robin Williams
Simon Mcburney
Tony Curran
Vincent D'Onofrio
William H. Macy



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